Day Two

Today, I had a genius idea. Tackling my messy yard kills two birds with one stone! I can clean up the yard and get some exercise at the same time!

This was the perfect day to start this project, too. Got to leave work at 3, I had tons of energy, and darn it all if the weather wasn't just PERFECT for gardening.

So here's today's little something for the earth and myself... my yard!

Today, I
filled one bag with leaves and other yard refuse to take to the ecology center's compost heap.
spent two hours cleaning up last year's plants... and maybe dancing around the yard just a bit, too :)

For reference, here's what I'm starting with:


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  1. Wow! I've been reading these in backwards order so I saw the cleaned up version first. You've really done a lot. I hope Saturday is nice enough to hit Lowe's!