Day Eight

I've officially made it past the one week mark, and... I have one reader, yay! Unfortunately, she's only read the first post. Ok, my goal for this second week is to pick up at least one more. That would DOUBLE my audience, woo!

This week, I finished the clean-up on my yard, and am now ready to start putting plants in the ground! I also went from being able to do 15 really weak girly pushups to 20 (still girly) pretty decent ones! I've sweated, prayed, mopped, shoveled, walked and been grateful for every bit of it.

What a week :)

Today, I:
Left the truck at the office and walked around to get my errands done.
See the above mentioned walking, yay!

Oh, does anyone recognize this plant? It's popped up on my "lawn chair" and it's quite pretty looking... but if it's something nasty, it's gotta go!


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  1. This is such a sweet, little blog. I wish you the best of luck in keeping up with this for a year. You've already inspired me a little to improve myself and my world.