Greener pets: Welcome home!

Today, I:
brought home Maggie! (Edited to include actual name, now that "Dioge", her slave name, is officially gone.)

As much as I love my cats, nothing's quite the same as the love of a dog. The only thing better than THAT is the love of a rescued dog.

Maggie is the only survivor of a house fire, and hasn't been feeling too social since shelter-life began. She doesn't have any problems with aggression, she just needs some socializing and love. She's coming home with me as a foster for a little while to try and coax out the great dog we all know is inside. She's only been with me for a few hours now, and she's already made some AMAZING progress!

And... little does she know, but as long as she's in my house, she's going to become a Greener Maggie! Stay tuned :)