Day Three/Four

Saturday, my big goal was to tackle the actual dirt in my garden. I had this genius plan (my first mistake, having a plan!) to dump the soil in last year's pots on the strip of sand-and-clay I call a garden... then I was going to mix all that good stuff in with my parent's Mantis. Quick, easy, effective! Lame.

I went down to my parents' house and asked my dad to show me how to use it. He had some trouble getting it started up, and a little trouble keeping it running once it started, but he said with a little fidgeting I'd get it going. He mixed up some gas for me, helped me load my new table into the truck (more on that later!!) and I was on my way.

One sore arm and lots of cursing later, it occurred to me... just how green is a gasoline powered garden tool?

(Yes, I've decided to spin my inability to start the blasted thing into an environmental message.)

So... I continued straightening up the yard, emptied a few more pots, and made peace with not getting that particular chore done that day.

I think tomorrow I'll go and borrow my parents' pitch fork. Greener gardening, and a little exercise! Isn't that what this is all about?

Today, allergies set in and I had a christening to go to. Not much to report on the greener side.

This Weekend, I:
I learned a valuable lesson, accept that some jobs just need to be done the 'hard' way.
I did 15 more "girly" push-ups, and they were a little easier this time!

Just for show and tell, here's the blasted Mantis:


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