Day Five

Spring has come to Long Island, folks, and with spring comes pollen.

Saturday was so beautiful! I opened every window to air out my apartment and then headed outside! (You knew that already, of course, because you read my last post, right?)

At the end of the day, I just couldn't bring myself to close those windows. My place smelled so fresh, my cats were so happy, how could I? I fell asleep with the windows wide open...

... and woke up Sunday with a face full of pollen. I felt so miserable that I couldn't even go to see two of my friends' daughters' christenings! I took some tylenol cold and sinus, or something of the sort... usually I avoid meds whenever possible, but I determined to make it to the party. I had spent half of saturday night making cupcakes for Ava's christening (this was my gift to her parents) and damn it if I wasn't gonna deliver the goods!

Well, ew. I absolutely hate how I feel when I take stuff like that. I was flying high for a little while, crashed HARD when I got home, and woke up feeling like I had out-drank all my Checkmate friends twice over... Is that really how I want to deal with a little pollen getting me down?

By now, we all know where this is heading... I'm going to tackle my allergies the greener way! (You'll see a lot of loose uses of the word "greener" on this blog, make peace with it.)

As soon as I woke up today, I drank 2 glasses of water and stripped my bed. I took one advil (to counter yesterday's mistake, and make it possible to go to work today. baby steps, remember?) and spent 5 minutes giving myself a little sinus-draining massage to keep the nasty stuff moving. Then, I busted out my trusty netti pot! I've decided that I'm going to try my mom's suggestion of rinsing twice a day with that sucker to keep pollen and other allergens from setting up house. So far, so good... made through the work day with slightly itchy eyes, but no additional symptoms... I'll keep y'all posted.

It may be too late this season, but I'd like to try and remember to try the whole local honey thing for the fall... more on that later.

Today, I:
Picked up a grocery bag of trash at west meadow beach...
... while taking a niiiiiice long walk along the sand bars.


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  1. Let's definitely do the local honey thing. Brendan should do it , too.
    Do you know yet where we can get it? Maybe the Garden of Eve folks will know...........