Day Seven

I am... tired, cranky, cold, and I just want to go to bed. Since I'm trying to pay attention more to what my body's telling me... I'm gonna go to bed!

But first, I'd like to mention a little something, One Love For Chi. Chi Cheng is (NOT WAS!) the bass player for the Deftones, and has been in a coma since November of 2008. I'm not going to get into the whole story here, but his family and friends started organizing prayer groups (and fund raisers, his insurance screwed him) in early 2009. This website was born out of that, and is a place where many of the fans share their prayers and wait patiently for updates on his condition. There's even a way to record a short message for Chi, which will be played for him!

So today, to do something for someone else AND for myself, I prayed.

Who/what do you pray for?

Today, I:
Gave it to god.


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  1. I pray for too many people to mention. Frequently I just close my eyes and visualize all their faces. If I don't know the person (as in it is someone dear to someone I know) I try to get a first name and then pray for them.

    Twenty seven years ago I prayed for you. I prayed to get pregnant and as you grew I prayed with my hands on my belly and you would dance around inside me.
    I pray for you still and often. But now my prayers are more of thanks and gratitude than pleading and lamenting!