Day One!

Today is the day after earth day.

Today, I spent a lot of time reflecting.

I am miles away from the person I was last year, but there are still many more miles to go. I thought about how I've taken more pride in my apartment and my yard. I thought about how I take care of my two wonderful rescued cats. I thought about how I eat healthier... not all the time, but I try! I thought about how I've been working for my dad for two years now, and how much I LIKE my job. I thought about how I respect myself more.

And I thought about how much I think about myself. Wow.

So I am going to spend 365 days... thinking about something else. This lovely planet I call home, and the other people I share it with.

I am also going to spend 365 days doing little things to help my body. By eating locally when I can and walking more often I will be supporting the local economy, polluting less, and... just generally spreading a little joy whenever I can :) Plus, it's been proven that losing weight has a ton of additional benefits including improved gas mileage!

I'm not promising to post every day, but I CAN promise that I will strive every day to be a little bit greener, a little bit better, a little closer to the best person I can become.

Today I:
watched an hour of tv, instead of keeping it on for company all night.
did 15 "girly" push-ups!


1 comment:

  1. Proud of you I am - I want to be better , too, so I'm practicing my Yoda.
    Wait, I think I meant Yoga.....
    Embarrassed I am!
    Love you!