Day Six

A day and a half of netti pot rinses, and a hand-full of () that I got from my naturopathic doctor last spring, and... I'm enjoying spring! Granted, only time will tell if I've truly beaten the allergy-monster, but it's a good start. Even if this is only a temporary reprieve, it couldn't have come at a better time!

The air conditioning battle started at work today... the hazards of having a menopausal co-worker I suppose :) But as soon as I was done with my work for the day, it was time to go OUTSIDE.

I stopped by the parental home base to drop some stuff off, and mama had the genius idea of "suggesting" that my little brother join me for the afternoon. This served the dual purpose of giving me a little extra help and a much needed second set of hands, and getting the kid outside and away from MLB2K9 for a little bit.

This was the perfect day to have extra hands! There was furniture to be moved, dirt to be turned, weeds to be pulled... we had a busy afternoon ahead of us.

Also... I cheated a little.

To prove a point, the bro just HAD to give it a shot at starting up the mantis. He's a 16 year old boy, and apparently that means... *he* has the magic touch. Two pulls and it was purring like a kitten. Well, it was already going, so... I let him run it across the garden. JUST to loosen the top layer of soil.

Cheating aside, we got a lot of good hard work done today, and it's time for this tired girl to go to bed!

Today, I:
bagged up more greens to take to the ecology center and "recycled" last year's potting soil to enrich this year's herb bed.
spent 2+ hours playing around in the garden, and had strawberries for desert!

Not much to show in the yard, but here's what the deck looks like at this point:


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  1. Looking good , girl! And I love the pic of Brendan and the evil Mantis.
    Something about boys and power tools..........