Save Homemade!

Yesterday, I posted about "Saving Handmade" on Through The Looking, my knitting blog. Forgive me for doubling up, but I think the subject deserves at least a passing mention here, too!

I'm not going to copy and paste the information about the bill, again, so the short version is... a new act has been passed requiring stricter testing and evaluation for children's toys which looks like it will impact small businesses (Etsy sellers and the like) far more than is necessary.

Now, this is just my humble opinion, but part of my idea of "greener" is buying local or handmade whenever possible. I would MUCH rather have my (theoretical) child pushing around a handcrafted wooden train made without any toxins or petroleum-based products than another piece of made-in-china plastic crap. To replace a polyfiber stuffed bear with one made from organic cotton and stuffed with re-purposed fabric scraps.

If that becomes impossible due to this bill, it'll be a very sad day.

Save Handmade Toys

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