Cleaning house - recycle!

If I have something large to get rid of (old computer parts, a treadmill, etc.), I jump RIGHT on the Suffolk County Freecycle Yahoo group and list that sucker as fast as I can. However, what if that something isn't really worth the trouble?

Last fall, my tv took a sudden turn for the worse. Now, I'm not complaining. This tv was rescued from the side of the road almost 2 years earlier, so I think it earned its rest. I attempted to list it on Freecycle, but... somehow that just never panned out.

My dad's tv died around the same time, so here we were with two big ol' clunkers on our hands and no one to take them. So we did the traditional Glass family thing and... put them aside to "age" for a bit.

Last week, my dad came home from Vermont with a replacement tv for me (yay!) which meant... it's time to get on the ball and get those dead machines gone!

After some searching, we discovered that Best Buy has a VERY easy recycling program for electronics and tvs up to 32". All you have to do is bring your items into the store and pay $10, then you get a $10 gift card back! It doesn't actually cost you anything, but now Best Buy has a guarantee that you'll spend at least a little money in their store. Seems pretty fair to me.

So, tonight, a friend and I wrestled (quite literally) the two tvs into the back of his car and headed off to Best Buy! Nothing makes you feel productive like cleaning house AND recycling at the same time :)

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