Day Nineteen

Today started out as a tightly-scheduled nightmare, and ended... beautifully. I love days like that.

First, I'd like to note that I have the best daddy ever. After running around to the bank, the office (where daddy's check book was no where to be found!), the dance studio (don't ask), the school (to pick up a sick brother, not part of the plan!), and more... and making several calls back and forth to my insurance agent, I was just about primed for a melt-down.

Then daddy swooped in, grabbed all my paperwork, the cash I had gathered so far, and rode off into the sunset... only to appear later with my registration, insurance card, and plates for my NEW TRUCK. What a guy.

So, for the first time ever... I own a vehicle that *I* picked out and that *I* paid for, and while I did have some help with the whole deal (Greg! Dad! Mom! Pat!), it feels damn good/totally terrifying to have something so wholly on my shoulders.

I call this... progress.

(Pictures to come when she gets home from K&M Trucks, Lucy's* getting a new set of brake lines!)

*I should explain. A truck this beautiful and bursting with personality deserves a name. The logic here is that she's big, red, kind of funny looking but graceful and beautiful in her own unconventional way, and my favorite part... at 23 1/2 years young, she can't be in the 'show'! (Standards vary greatly, but many people consider it acceptable to call a car/truck a "classic" once it hits 25 years old...)

Today, I:
"recycled" some more of last year's potting soil into the garden.
Took a walk around the track with my mama.


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